Sollalla's Story

Unlike other kids, I was rather praised for my bright glowing skin than for my other talents. Naturally, I was most proud of the way my skin looked. But the puberty hit me and it hit me hard where it hurt the most – my skin. And it was the moment when I decided what I was going to do when I grow up.

I have worked for a cosmetics company for 8 years straight, learning a lot about how sales are affected more by image-making and marketing.
The many cosmetics from all over the world that I test and study in relation to the work, didn’t really give me the inspiration that I needed. I always felt this thirst for better cosmetics that would be faithful to the cause, which will also meet the needs of the consumers.


Many of my friends with skin problems would tell me there are no products that are 100% satisfactory. It’s always either the ingredient or the texture. I always paid attention to them and tested all the products on the market. Finally, I decided to make cosmetics myself.


Partnered with a cosmetics developer of 10-year experience, I, with the confidence, say that we have created good cosmetics.


Brand name, Sollalla, represents the everyday joy not worrying about skin problems. Also, it is a promise to our users to feel good because the good skin gives more confidence.


We all know that dietary supplements like vitamin play a very important role in a wide range of systems and processes throughout our body.
We take these supplements regularly as we get older but we don’t seem to do the same for our skin.



We want to bring you, through Sollalla, the everyday supplement for skin, not because we emphasize mainstream beauty, but because we care everyday skin health. We understand troubled skin can cause so much stress and bring down self-esteem. We want our users to feel confident and joy throughout the day without worrying about any skin troubles.